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About Me

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Education & Qualifications

My honours degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy (BSc Hons) from PCI College in Dublin was awarded by Middlesex University, London.  Each year I attend additional training courses and workshops to keep my skills and knowledge up to date. 

Recent courses include:

- Therapeutic Intervention with Adolescents – A Relational Approach

- Working Therapeutically with Clients with a Psychiatric Diagnosis

- Trauma Workshop

- Suicide Bereavement

- Autism Training – AUsome Irl.

- Connecting with Young Men

- Working with the pain of Abandonment

- Working with Clients with Anxiety

- An Introduction to EMDR

My Approach

The guiding principle behind my work is person-centered, as well as the belief everyone is born perfect.  We all begin as innocent babies full of potential and entitled to have our basic human needs met by our caregivers.  Sadly, in many instances, this was not the case and many of us experienced much hurt and pain.  Each of us is the product of our genetics, environment, experiences and choices. 

Within our sessions, we do not blame an individual, relationship, or circumstance.  For many of us, the losses experienced can leave us wounded, confused, in conflict with loved ones, lonely, depressed, and in some circumstances, even suicidal.  Often, we need the trained, listening ear of someone outside our circle of family and friends to help us unravel and/or grieve the losses experienced.  For others, life events such as loss of work, status, relationships, including divorce and separation, cause immense pain and hurt, so working through these issues with a trained Counsellor / Psychotherapist can help bring clarity and acceptance and the motivation to move forward in our lives with confidence and positivity.

I believe in the innate goodness of all individuals but sometimes we make poor or even wrong choices which have dire consequences for ourselves and those we love.  Talking with a trained Counsellor Psychotherapist can help to disentangle the problem/troubled/painful situations in which we find ourselves.  I don’t offer solutions only a genuine listening ear, some insight and the opportunity for you to experience catharsis and discover the changes you desire and need to create a happy and fulfilled future.

My areas of expertise:

- Abuse

- Adoption

- Anxiety & Panic attacks 

- Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 

- Bereavement

- Depression

- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

- Relationships

- Self-esteem

- Self-harm

- Stress

- Suicide and Suicide Prevention

- Trauma

- Physical, Emotional & Sexual Abuse

- Bullying and work related issues

“Mary is caring, kind, patient and thoughtful.  She put me at ease right away.  I have benefitted greatly from the counselling Mary gave me and I’m applying the skills I learned to get through daily life without unnecessary stress.  Thank you, Mary.”


~ 29-year-old single mother of a child with special needs

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